Dr. rer. nat. Uwe Wiechert



Research and Teaching Associate

Address Malteserstr. 74-100, House B
Room 204. Building B
12249 Berlin
Telephone +49 30 838 70351
Fax    +49 30 838 70170
Email wiechert@zedat.fu-berlin.de







Dr. Uwe Wiechert came in November 2005 from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETHZ) to the Free University Berlin. He runs a laboratory to study isotope ratios of light chemical elements at the campus in Lankwitz. His expertise is in isotope geochemistry, which he uses to investigate biogeochemical element cycles at the surface of the Earth und their response to external forcings such as climate variability, tectonic or human activity.



  • System Earth (lecture + tutorial)
  • Introduction into Geochemistry (substitute for Prof. H. Becker WS 2008)
  • Vocational Preparation (Seminar)
  • Stable Isotope Geochemistry (lecture + tutorial)
  • Analysis of Stable Isotopes (laboratory course)
  • Isotopic Salon (workgroup seminar)
  • Meteorites and the Origin of the Solar system (joint lecture with Prof. Dr. H. Becker)

Scientific Interests

  • Biogeochemical element cycles
  • Evolution of Earth’s mantle
  • Cosmochemistry
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Systems theory

Currently Funded Projects

  • Age, development and limnology of extant Tibetan Plateau lakes: A reconstruction based on phylogeography and palaeoecology of the gastropod genus Radix. German Science Foundation (DFG) Priority Program 1372 “Tibet Plateau: Formation – Climate – Ecosystems (TIP)”.

Supervised Projects

Bachelor Theses

  • 1) Martina Herden „Stabile Isotopenmuster und Elementverteilung im Lochseitenkalk der Glarner Überschiebung“ (März 2008).
  • 2) Clemens Vinzenz Ullmann „Sauerstoffisotopenvariationen in Schalen von Nordsee-Austern“ (Juli 2008).
  • 3) Kai Neldner „Kohlenstoffisotopenmuster in Karbonaten des Ediacariums der Yangtse-Plattform (Süd-China)” (21.9.2009).
  • 4) Matthias Friebel „CO2-Extraktion vs. BaCO3-Fällung des im Wasser gelösten Kohlendioxids und 13C/12C Isotopenanalytik“ (13.09.2010).
  • 5) Frederike Wilckens „Experimente zur Isotopenfraktionierung des Lithiums zwischen Wasser und Bentonit“ (16-12-2010).
  • 6) David Uhlig „Lithiumisotope im Oberflächen- und Grundwasser des Panketals im NE von Berlin“ (18-3-2011).
  • 7) Torsten Pfahl „Isotopenzusammensetzung des Schwefels und Sauerstoffs in Sulfaten aus Donau, Elbe und Rhein“ (23-5-2011).

Master Theses

  • 1) Marc Weynell „Isotopische Muster von Oberflächenwässern des östlichen und südlichen Tibet-Plateaus“ (1.4.2010).
  • 2) Clemens Vinzenz Ullman „Magnesiumisotope in Elbe, Rhein und Donau und ihre Implikationen für Verwitterung und Kohlenstoffhaushalt“ (6.9.2010). Poster DMG 2010

Doctoral Theses

  • 1) Tomas Magna „Lithium Isotopes in the Earth and Terrestrial Planets“. Doktoral Thesis no. 16981, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Zürich 2006).


Publications in the last 5 years


L. Taft, U. Wiechert, F. Riedel, M. Weynell, H. Zhang (2011) Sub-seasonal oxygen and carbon isotope variations in shells of modern Radix sp. (Gastropoda) from the Tibetan Plateau: Potential of a new archive for palaeoclimatic studies. Quarternary Science Reviews, submitted 30-01-2011.

T. Pettke, F. Oberli, A. Audetat, U. Wiechert, C. R. Harris and C. A. Heinrich (2011) Plasma mass spectrometry: accurate lead isotope ratio determination by laser ablation of individual fluid inclusions. J. Anal. At. Spectrom. 26,475-492.

T. Magna, U. Wiechert, F.M. Stuart, A.N. Halliday, D. Harrison (2011) Combined Li-He isotopes in Iceland and Jan Mayen basaltsand constraints on the nature of the North Atlantic mantle. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 75, 922–936.


C.V. Ullmann, U. Wiechert, C. Korte (2010) Oxygen isotope fluctuations in a modern North Sea oyster (Crassostrea gigas) compared with annual variations in seawater temperature: Implications for palaeoclimate studies. Chem Geol 277, 1-2, 160-166.

V. Janoušek, V. Erban, F.V. Holub, T. Magna, H. Bellon, B. Mlčoch, U. Wiechert, V. Rapprich (2010) Geochemistry and genesis of behind-arc basaltic lavas from eastern Nicaragua. J. of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 192, 232–256.

T. Magna, V. Janoušek, M. Kohút, F. Oberli, U. Wiechert (2010) Fingerprinting sources of orogenic plutonic rocks from Variscan belt with lithium isotopes and possible link to subduction-related origin of some A-type granites. Chem Geol 274, 94-107.


S. Burla, F. Oberli, U. Wiechert, U. Heimhofer, H. Weissert (2009) The timing of Early Cretaceous global change as revealed by Sr-Isotopes using laser ablation. Terra Nova 21, 401-409.


Magna T., Ionov D.A., Oberli F., and Wiechert U. (2008) Links between mantle metasoma-tism and lithium isotopes: Evidence from glass-bearing and cryptically metasomatised xe-noliths from Mongolia. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. in submission.

Burla S., Oberli F., Wiechert U., Heimhofer U., Weissert, H. (2008) The timing of Early Cretaceous global change as revealed by Sr-Isotopes using laser ablation. Geology, in submisson.

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Farquhar J., Peters M., Johnston D. T., Strauss H., Masterson A., Wiechert U. and Kauf-man A.J. (2007) Isotopic evidence for Mesoarchaean anoxia and changing atmospheric sulphur chemistry. Nature 449, 706-710.

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Leya I., Schönbächler M., Wiechert U., Krähenbühl U., and Halliday A.N. (2007) High pre-cision titanium isotope measurements on geological samples by high resolution MC-ICPMS. Int. J. Mass Spec. 262, 247-255.


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Rieu R., Allen P.A., Etienne J.L., Cozzi A., Wiechert U. (2006): A Neoproterozoic glacially influenced basin margin succession and ‘atypical’ cap carbonate associated with bedrock palaeovalleys, Mirbat area, southern Oman. Basin/Precambrian Research 18(4): 471-496.




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