Alexander C. Balduin

Alexander Balduin
Address Malteserstr. 74-100
Room 241 Building B
12249 Berlin

Office hours

Study & Research Interests

Geochemical modelling; Major & Trace Elements;Precambrian Research; Using ICP-MS analyses for geochronological chemistry;

Bachelor Thesis

Work in progress: South Africa, Swasiland: Comparison the major and trace element chemistry of samples from Swasiland with the Ancient Gneiss Complex (AGC).

Supervisor: Elis Hoffmann & Kathrin Schneider 

Working Experience

Oct 2017 - present           Student Assistant for Prof. Dr. Lena Noack 

Feb 2017 - present:          IT-Student Assistant for the TRR 170 and FUB Geochemistry Website

                                         and management of computer resources.

                                         (Webmaster : )        

Apr 2016 -  Sep 2017:      Student Assistant for Section 3.3: Earth Surface Geochemistry

                                         at the GFZ: Sample preparation and general support of

                                         Cleanlab &   ICP – Lab analyses.

Feb 2016 - Nov 2016 :     Preparation of Samples from Southafrica (AGC/BA) in the Mineral

                                         Separation Lab and Clean Lab related to the DFG funded Project with

                                         PI Dr. Elis Hoffmann and Kathrin Schneider

Conference Assistant: Force 2017

Conference Abstracts:


Balduin A., Noack L. (2018) - Phase transitions in rocky mantles - influence of composition and temperature

Field Work

Geological mapping: Eifel, Brohtal - April 2012 - 14 Days

Field trip: Vulkanismus in der Eifel