Geochemistry Seminar

This semester, we will again have a literature discussion seminar that will feature recent interesting research (high-T, low-T, planetary, whatever).You can suggest interesting papers that should not be too long (or at least should be presentable in <90 minutes) and should be not too far from our expertise, e.g, no black hole or mitochondria research. For interested students: for the presenter it is normally required to look into some review papers that provide the necessary background. The main points of the paper in discussion together with relevant background information will be presented with the help of ppt.

In the Fall semester we alternate with the Transregio Seminar focusing on topics related to the  'Late Accretion onto Terrestrial Planets'. This will include talks from FUB, TUB, DLR and MfN.

Even if you are not actively participating (i.e. giving presentations), you are of course welcome to attend, as you may learn something.


The Seminar takes place on Mondays in B 129.

More information  to come for the Fall semester 2016/17.