Geochemistry Seminar

In this semester, we will meet again for our seminar on                                               

Advances in Geochemistry Seminar SS2017

(Becker, Hoffmann, Wiechert)

The Seminar will be on Mondays at 1:30 p.m. in Room B139.

Even if you are not actively participating (i.e. giving presentations) you are, of course,

welcome to attend as you may learn something.

Seminar schedule

08. May         Philipp Gleissner – Early formation of the Moon 4.51 billion years ago by Barboni et al. (2017) Science Advances 3: e1602365


15. May         Dennis Vanderliek – Water in alkali feldspar: The effect of rhyolite generation on the lunar hydrogen budget by Mills et al. (2017) Geochemical Perspective Letters 3, 115–123


22. May         Arianna Secchiari – HSE analyses on rocks from the New Caledonian ophiolite


29. May         no seminar


05. June        no seminar


12. June        Harry Becker – Sulphur degassing at Kilauea volcano, Hawaii


19. June        Yogita Kadlag – The isotopic nature of the Earth’s accreting material through time by Dauphas (2017) Nature 541, 521-524.


26. June        Uwe Wiechert – tba


3. July             Roxana Rohne – tba


10. July         Oliver Jäger – The use of Iodine as a geochemical tool


17. July         Philipp Kühne – presentation of M.Sc. thesis (Silicon isotopes)