Geochemistry Seminar

In this semester, we will meet again for our seminar on

                                                Advances in Geochemistry,

                                          Monday at 1:30 pm in room B139.

We will focus on recent interesting research papers. At the first meeting on

                                              Monday, April 24, 2017 

we will select topics & papers for presentations. Participants suggest interesting papers

for a presentation and discussion of 90 minutes or less. The topic should be not too

far from our expertise, e.g, no black hole or mitochondria research.

For interested students: The presenting person usually looks into some review papers that

provide the necessary background on the selected topic. Important background information

and the main points of this paper are then presented in a powerpoint presentation.

Even if you are not actively participating (i.e. giving presentations) you are, of course,

welcome to attend as you may learn something.