Nominations and awards



  • Dipl.-Geogr. Christian Reinhardt
    Hromadka Award of the Wessex Institute of Technology Southampton, für the contribution „Alternatives in flood protection: The effect of decentralized measures in the Upper Floeha watershed (Southeastern Germany)”
    International Conference River Basin Management 2009
    September 2009


  • Dr. Christian Reinhardt
    Study award of the Association of Engineers for Water Management, Waste Management and Land Improvement (Regional Association Brandenburg-Berlin) for the thesis "Decentralised flood protection in the Upper Floeha watershed"
    June 2011


  • Dipl.-Geogr. Matthias Stork, M.Sc.
    Agroecology Award 2011 of the Institute of Agricultural and Urban Ecological Projects (IASP) associated with the Humboldt-University Berlin for the master thesis "Landuse potentials for extensive energy wood production in mesoscale river basins"
    July 2011




  • e-Learning Preis der FU Berlin für das Projekt "Visualisierung von Abfluss- und Sedimenttransport-Prozessen in einer Hydraulischen Versuchsrinne", 2006
  • e-Learning Preis der FU Berlin für das Projekt "eSens", 2008